Our Service

Our services are formulated in a direct response to customer demands for single-source accountability in designing and managing complex projects.

A Professional Team

From design, to engineering and construction, your Northgrange team consists of seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in their areas of expertise:

The typical Northgrange project manager has decades of experience in successfully directing the design & build process.

Each of our professional engineers and surveyors has more than 25 years of experience in building lasting relationships through the delivery of quality services.

Qualified tradesmen to construct and install them, through a program that combines classroom and on-site training to ensure the highest quality and safe working conditions.

Quality Assurance

A quality assurance (QA) program monitors project delivery in several areas to ensure continuing customer satisfaction.
Engineered components are manufactured for us by ISO 9000 certified organizations. Site Managers and QA inspectors verify that all materials used are as specified and monitor construction in progress to ensure that materials are being installed or applied as specified.


Our design & build service encompasses every aspect of architecture, design, and interior décor including floor and wall finishes, lighting, eco-options and landscaping.

Construction Services

Our design & build service also encompasses a complete range of building-related construction services from traditional construction to the very latest techniques in eco build and renewable technologies, piling and ground remediation to specialized services such as disaster recovery and refurbishments.

Our Partners

We work with the best partners in our field and have selected them because of the quality of their products, the high levels of customer satisfaction and the guarantees they provide. We're also committed to the environment, as are our partners, keeping maintenance, running costs and heat loss to a minimum.

How we work

Most Conservatories are exempt from the planning process but we will advise you of the planning criteria if it becomes necessary based on your requirements.

Our Initial conversations with you will help us to establish your budget and design parameters. When your requirements have been identified we will complete the design and costing of your proposed project and then provide you with a fixed price quotation.

Pre Construction Phase

At this point we may need to obtain planning permission or building regulations approval (we’ll prepare these for you if they are needed) and we're then in the hands of your local authority who'll usually take between 8 and 10 weeks for these approvals. The planning officer might need to come out and look at your site, and we'll meet them with you.

Typical Programme

Week 1 - Site Survey

Once you've chosen Northgrange for your project, we will confirm a start date; we will also need to complete a detailed technical survey of your site. This will allow us to confirm site conditions, drainage requirements and access. When the survey is completed we will provide you with a project programme.

Weeks 1 and 2 – Choosing Finishes

We'll also use the time to work with you to make your final decisions about the floor and wall finishes, lighting, eco-options and landscaping. We need to take the time on this step in the process, to make sure we get all of the finishing touches right for you and your investment.

Construction Phase

Week 2 – Foundations and Base Construction

The excavation and construction of foundations and the base usually takes approximately one week to complete. Our project management skills result in a very efficient construction process and it's during this time you'll start to see the delivery of your vision.

Week 3 – Superstructure Construction

The process for constructing and glazing the Conservatory Frame usually takes 3 to 4 days and this procedure is followed by 1st fixing of electrical installations. This is when the transformation from construction site to conservatory really begins, it’s beginning to look special and you can start to feel it all coming together.

Week 4 – Finishes

Next the walls are plastered and floor screed (if required) is applied so that the shell is completed. The skirtings are then fitted and electrical installations connected. Decorating and personalising your conservatory is when your individuality comes in and the daily progress makes it look more and more like your dream.

We often use this week to prepare and sometimes even complete any hard landscaping work, to minimise disruption once the conservatory is completed.

Post Construction

When your project has been completed we will undertake a final inspection with you and "sign off" the project. Next you will receive all completion and guarantee certificates together with copies of the specifications and quality audits which can be included in your home sellers pack